Digital Transformation Expertise

Outline of the Book

The word â€śComputerization” is well-hyped but less understood.
Organizations worldwide have undergone Computerization.
From Organizations in developed countries having robotics
level computerization to Organizations using computers as
electronic typewriters, myriad levels of Computerization are
Closely looked upon, even the Organizations having
robotic level computerization may have semi-automatic
management reports. Speaking of medium sized and small
Organizations, they struggle for the right input of data and
non-existent analysis. The DSS (Decision Support System)
in an Organization still depends upon the whims and fancies
of professionals serving at key positions in an Organization.
Not to exaggerate, the Top Management actually ends up
being the mouth piece and brains of these professionals
because they don’t have access to unbiased analyzed data
at all. All in all, the Organization never becomes system dependent,
it is always Individual Dependent and extent of
the analysis obtained by the Top Management solely depends
upon the skill and intentions of the key professionals in the
Then, there are Organizations who have invested a huge
amount on ERP systems, sometime international options.
But the cost of implementing this ERP (manpower expenses,
Configuration Process, Customization expenses) turns out to
be so high that it either has a shelf life of one year or it dies.

somewhere along the process of implementation period. This
leads to the organization ending up using small chunks of
individual, unintegrated software in all departments as per
the preference of the end-users.

About the Author

Managing Director, Pacesoftronix Pvt. Ltd.
I have had a long career of 3+ decades, full of interactions
with a diverse range of professionals, business people and
grass root level users of software.
My professional experience has shown me a host of
frustrated directors, middle managers, anxious users, the
only reason being that they were working on an inappropriate
software or it was not implemented fully.
A normal person spends 50% to 60% of his waking hours
in his professional life i.e. his work. So the quality of life is
directly proportional to his quality of work life. Software and
infrastructure should facilitate his working, not add to his
never ending woes.

A business person or an industrialist should not end up
tearing his hair out, after having invested a fortune in the
IT infrastructure in his company. Well, I have seen quite a
few doing this. I have seen the mighty directors and business
owners pretty helpless in front of software and IT. Some to
the point that you cannot imagine.

Thank You!

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